Sunday, April 5, 2009

NEW Girly Tees - The Itty Bitty Girls Collection  


Hallo, everyone! I know, it's been *a while* since our last update. We have a slew of good stuff to show you though.

The Paper Basket is proud to announce that we have a new batch of girly tees for 2009. Presenting THE ITTY BITTY GIRLS COLLECTION.

Itty Bitty Banner at The Paper Basket

This collection offers t-shirts, hoodies, houseware, and other girl gifts that feature colorful, stylish and most importantly original illustrations of cute little girls with different personalities so you can choose the character that suits you best!

Chopstix Journal

CHOPSTIX likes to cook and is on the constant lookout for the perfect blend of spices for her culinary masterpieces.

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Bonnet Women's Cap Sleeve T-Shirt

BONNET likes to keep to herself and is quite shy but she's very creative. She likes to paint & write poetry.

See all the designs that feature Bonnet. [GO]


Sugar 2.25" Button

SUGAR has a sweet-tooth and loves to bake. Her dream is to own a cake & pastry shop someday.

See all the designs that feature Sugar. [GO]


Honey Tile Coaster

HONEY loves Mother Earth and shows it by planting trees & using all-natural or recycled products whenever she can.

See all the designs that feature Honey. [GO]


Peony Greeting Card

PEONY likes the outdoors. She loves to follow trails to see what wonders of nature they lead to.

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Amber Framed Tile

AMBER is crafty & likes to make things by hand. Her dream project? A magical memory quilt.

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